1st D: Deadwood Creek Falls

Some low snowpack blues and Google scouting led us to this beauty of a canyon. Deadwood Creek wouldn’t even register to boaters floating by if it wasn’t for the 2 megawatt powerhouse on it. A real bummer because otherwise, this “BC looking” creek would have good flows for a local hike-n-huck. Our day started out with some serious 4×4’ing into Racetrack Flat on the North Yuba river. From there it is a .3 mile float down to the confluence with Deadwood Creek. A 5 minute hike upstream and you’re sitting in a deep pool with Deadwood Creek Falls pouring in. Despite the low flow, Austin Nickell fired it and got bucked off by the kicker. A couple celebratory beers and more 4×4’ing rounded out the exploratory day! Check the short video from the day….

3 Responses to “1st D: Deadwood Creek Falls”

  1. That one looks pretty sketchy. That’s a narrow waterfall to be riding over.

  2. aha did you dubstep that just for austin?